Authentically Unpopular

by Manette Wete on November 7, 2011

Ever wonder why self-help gurus tell you to ‘be authentic’?  Being authentic, we’re told, is the key to unravelling our true talents, enabling the world to appreciate us for who we really are.  Sounds pretty good to me.  At least in theory, it does.  But what if being yourself – your true self – yields anything but an appealing and popular outcome? [Continue reading..]

Nine Eleven

by Manette Wete on September 11, 2011

nine eleven remebered 9-11

There are some things in this world that need no explanation, no words to describe, no nodding or shaking of heads from side to side to communicate the emotions within us.  Nine Eleven is certainly one of these.  It represents the very worst in humanity, yet it brought to light the very best in us.  The lens through which many of us saw the world was forever changed.  Regardless of whether or not you experienced a personal loss on 9/11/01, what remains undeniable is the events of that day placed our mortality in an uncomfortably close proximity to the routine existence we had been accustomed to. [Continue reading..]

What Angry Birds Taught Me About Winning

by Manette Wete on August 12, 2011

Lottery balls - winning concept

In less than an hour, I went from a level 1 score of zero (yes, it took me a while to figure the game out) to 293160 up to level 9 in the Angry Birds game.  I felt like a total champion and at each level, I was even more motivated to beat my highest score.  As it turns out just a few hours earlier, I was reading an article about the success of the developers of this phenomenally popular game, wondering why in the world a game called Angry Birds would be getting so much attention.  With statistics like 200 million minutes played a day on a global scale in 2010 alone, I had to satisfy my growing curiosity.  So there I was, playing the game and buying into the addiction to score higher and hear those birds cheer.  Yes, anything to win. [Continue reading..]

How the Debt Ceiling Changes Your Reality

by Manette Wete on July 30, 2011

debt ceiling

In case the recent unemployment rates are not on your top list of things to be concerned about, there’s a new and even more pressing issue that’s been making its way through the media and is guaranteed to get your attention sooner or later – Debt Ceiling.  Amidst the political swirl and upcoming 2012 elections, you may be tempted to think this is yet another overblown media fiasco from the Hill that’s bound to fizzle out in a few weeks.  Well, think again.  You don’t have to be politically or economically astute to appreciate the impact of decisions made by federal government, particularly in an uncertain economic landscape such as the one we currently face.  The US national debt is at a whopping $14 trillion and growing.  Every taxpayer should know where their tax dollars are being spent. [Continue reading..]